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Desa Contracting & Restoration is a highly regarded full-service contracting and restoration firm certified by the IICRC.

We serve Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and are available 24/7 for all types of restoration and renovation projects, including those for residential and commercial properties. With over 10 years of work experience, our team of certified professionals have the necessary knowledge to handle a wide range of projects, including concrete repair, crack injection, balcony repair, masonry repair, wall and column repair, exterior cladding retrofits, fire damage restoration, waterproofing,  and water damage restoration, mold remediation, and asbestos abatement and removal. Our goal is to give residents and property managers the best services and solutions for their renovation and restoration projects.


Desa Contracting & Restoration is a fully licensed and IICRC-certified full-service asbestos abatement and removal company serving Toronto and the GTA. With over a decade of work experience in the industry, we are the premier choice for asbestos abatement and restoration for both residential and commercial properties.


Asbestos Abatement and Restoration Services We Provide

Toronto property restoration services featuring asbestos removal

Inspection & Testing

The first step we inspect and test the property for any asbestos fibers. This is carried out through a series of examinations. First, a complete visual examination of the premises is carried out. Next, one of our certified asbestos technicians will safely and carefully collect a sample of the asbestos. After which, the sample will be sent to an independent, government-certified laboratory for analysis. Upon confirmation of asbestos on the premises, our inspector will provide you with a written evaluation that describes the location of the asbestos deposit, the potential extent of the damage, and the level of risk.


To contain and secure the area and start making plans for the safe removal of the hazardous materials in the affected region is the second and arguably most crucial step of our approach. The site must be isolated with asbestos-proof polyethylene sheets and tape before any work is done since asbestos microfibrils are very light and spread fast. These sheets may occasionally be dampened throughout the process to prevent the spread of dust or fibrils. Our specialists will use a moist cloth or a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove any visible dust from the surfaces. After which, we will use negative air machines and air scrubbers, allowing full containment of the contaminated area.

asbestos removal

Asbestos Removal & Clean-up

After the containment process is complete, our certified technicians will begin to safely remove the asbestos-containing materials from the premises. To ensure minimal risk, our certified inspectors follow strict procedures and wear adequate safety equipment. To prevent additional exposure, the removed materials are put into thick plastic bags and sealed immediately. What’s more, during the removal process, dust and debris are routinely cleaned up to avoid a sharp rise in the concentration of asbestos. After the microfibrils have been removed, inspectors will carefully vacuum the area to check for any leftover particles. To confirm the removal was completed successfully

Complete Restoration

The last step in our asbestos abatement and removal process is the complete restoration of the property. At this point, one of our certified inspectors will provide you with an estimate of the cost for the complete restoration of your property. From there, we will work with you to begin restoring your home or office to its pre-asbestos condition. 


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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance. Because it can dissolve into incredibly fine fibers, asbestos is hazardous. People can breathe these fibers while they are in the air. The fibers are so small that they can penetrate the lungs of a person and possibly become lodged in the tissue there. Once embedded in lung tissue, these fibers can lead to a number of deadly conditions, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer (cancer of the lining of the lung cavity).


In most cases, it takes 10–40 years after the initial exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of long-term exposure become apparent. The degree of the symptoms can vary. Typical signs and symptoms of prolonged exposure to asbestos are as follows:

  • Shortness of breath
  • A persistent, dry cough
  • Chest tightness or pain
  • Dry and crackling sounds in your lungs when you inhale
  • Fingertips and toes that appear wider and rounder than usual (clubbing)


The most common places to find asbestos are in fireproofing or insulation that is sprayed on, cement pipes, drywall, drywall joint compound, floor and ceiling tiles, and fibrous or corrugated paper pipe insulation. That said, some vinyl floor tiles, the backing of vinyl sheet flooring, and adhesives can also contain asbestos. What’s more, asbestos insulation may also be found in coal and oil furnaces as well as door gaskets. Whereas, in older homes, asbestos may be present in a variety of construction materials like paint, insulation, floor tiles, tape, or blankets covering their hot water and steam lines.


Due to the fact that asbestos is a highly toxic and hazardous material, upon discovering asbestos in your home or property, you should contact a licensed professional immediately. Asbestos can be toxic and hazardous when disturbed, so only licensed specialists should handle these materials and test samples using certified diagnostic tools. Professionals have the tools to identify harmful asbestos deposits and the know-how to isolate the area, preparing it for safe removal. Additionally, disposal is made safe and secure.


If asbestos is discovered visually during a buyer’s home inspection, it might lower the property’s value. The buyer frequently requests the removal of the materials before moving in. If the buyer plans to renovate, they might also be worried about other building materials containing asbestos. Thus, when asbestos materials are discovered during the buying examination, real estate transactions often dispute the price.


Yes, it is possible to cover asbestos, provided that the asbestos materials are undisturbed during covering and are not damaged or deteriorated. In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, it is very common to discover concealed asbestos materials beneath flooring and occasionally over plaster, popcorn texture, or ceiling tiles. In these cases, the cost of asbestos removal played a factor in the decision to cover the asbestos rather than remove it. That said, hiring a professional cleaning company is advisable because you can’t take the risk of cleaning up asbestos yourself. Asbestos poses a hazard to people who are exposed to it, so it’s always best to leave this type of work in the hands of professionals.

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