Contract for Services

This Contract is an Agreement between Desa Contracting and Restoration and:
For property located at:
Nature of Damage to Premises:
Date of Loss (if known):
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Claim#: (If no claim#, then this account is self-pay.)

Emergency Restoration Service 24/7 (water/fire/trauma/mold/asbestos) cleanup and Remediation.

The Parties to this Contract agree that Desa Contracting & Restoration will provide services for the cleanup and remediation of damaged premises. The price for the work will be determined at the end of the cleanup, as each restoration project is unique, and the cost will depend on the extent of the damage. Emergency cleanup and remediation work is available 24/7.

Estimate After Restoration Services

The Parties to this Contract agree that Desa Contracting and Restoration will perform the services detailed in the Estimate prepared for Customer based on the damage to the Premises. The Terms and Conditions which are attached to this Contract are also incorporated herein and are a part of this Contract. The customer acknowledges that this price is only an estimate and may be subject to change based on conditions that are unknown at the time the estimate was prepared or that change as the project progresses. Estimate repairs for after emergency cleanup.

Work Authorization/Direction to Pay

I authorize Desa Contracting and Restoration, to proceed with any work necessary to restore the structure/contents back to their original condition as was before the loss. If I have an insurance claim, I agree to pay Desa Contracting and Restoration, the amount of my deductible as a deposit prior to the commencement of work and I further authorize my insurance company (LISTED BELOW) to pay Desa Contracting and Restoration, directly and solely for all restoration work completed with regard to the above-referenced loss. I agree, that if checks/drafts are sent directly to me, to endorse them and forward them to Desa Contracting and Restoration, immediately upon receipt. If there is no insurance claim, I agree to give Desa Contracting and Restoration a credit or debit card to hold on file, which will be used to pay the balance in full at completion, unless payment is rendered via another method, such as a check, cash or wire transfer. I have read, understood, and agree to this contract.
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