Showing an Earth digger and two waterproofing experts at work supervising a project in a backyard garden in Toronto.



The purpose of this external waterproofing project was to prevent and control water damage to this Toronto property. External waterproofing is the process of exposing your property’s foundation and adding waterproofing materials to build a foundation waterproofing system. This system channels and disperses water away from your foundation walls, thereby correcting any leaks in your basement that originate on the exterior of your home.

The most effective defense against basement and foundation leaks is external waterproofing, but it is also the most labor-intensive, particularly during the soil excavation stage. This project requires a number of phases, therefore it cannot be finished in a single weekend. Hence, it’s essential to let trained experts like Desa contracting and restoration manage the work. Everyone wants a dry basement, especially during periods of heavy rain when the foundation of the house is subjected to greater water pressure. A little water leak that is being attempted to be fixed with a sealant solution from a YouTube video can first seem to be successful, but it might cause flooding and water damage to your property.

Desa Construction and Restoration is Toronto’s premier residential and commercial property restoration firm. In the Greater Toronto Area, we provide an unrivaled choice of services and solutions for property damage restoration and clean-ups caused by water, fire, storms, or mold. We have the knowledge and equipment to tackle any form of property damage repair, from restoring a building’s structural integrity to renovating a condo and even total rebuilding. You may rely on us at any time since we are available 24 hours a day and provide unrivaled service.

Desa Contracting and Restoration is the firm to call for timely and effective restoration services, whether your property damage was caused by a natural disaster or a man-made occurrence.

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